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Features Series: Family is Just a Button Press Away

Features Series: Family is Just a Button Press Away

As America's retirement population continues to grow, their family members and loved ones are increasingly their primary, unpaid caregivers, according to a nationwide study by the National Alliance for Caregiving and the AARP.

The resulting report found that as of 2020, 53 million Americans are providing unpaid care to their senior loved ones. 

Of those 53 million, 61% are doing so while juggling their own careers.

Between care for their loved ones and living their own lives, the burden on these caregivers is real, making face-to-face time between loved ones and caregivers increasingly hard to come by.

Because of reduced in-person time, caregivers sometimes only learn about a loved one's emergency after the fact, through a doctor or nurse or after an ambulance or emergency room visit.

Most help alert companies only provide seniors the ability to call out to a monitoring center through their device. While that's a noble idea, it fails to address the fact that caregivers prefer to be kept in the loop during emergencies or even contacted first before an ambulance arrives and rushes the loved one to the hospital.

Furthermore, what if loved ones would rather talk to a trusted person like a family member or friend, rather than an anonymous representative?

SafeGuardian is proud to say we're the only company that ensures family and loved ones are just a button press away.

Our line of CareCaller™ devices are designed to always contact family first. When used, the CareCaller™ immediately sends a text alert to caregivers, followed by an automatically placed phone call to all contact numbers until an answer. 

This ensures that in their time of need, seniors will always hear a familiar voice on the other end of a call, and family members will always be in the know.

And even if a loved one wants to utilize our professional monitoring center, the CareCaller™ is the only device that will still send out a text alert automatically to caregivers, complete with time and location, before calling out to our state-of-the-art monitoring center. This way, caregivers are kept in the loop even when they're not being called directly.

Never feel like you're in the dark again with your loved one's health. With SafeGuardian, family is just a button press away.