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 Professional Quality, Award Winning Wearable Medical Alarm Systems

 Professional Quality, Award Winning Wearable Medical Alarm Systems

We offer only top-rated medical alarm equipment that has passed stringent quaality standards. Beware of cheap, poor quality equipment that may fail when you need it most. We never pay "top rating" comparison shopping web sites huge commissions  to recommend us.

Largest Professional Alarm Monitoring Centers Located in the United States

Largest Professional Alarm Monitoring Centers Located in the United States

Our fully-certified national alarm monitoring centers are the largest in the United States. With response times measured in seconds, our highly trained personal security agents receive over 1 BILLION signals each year. 

The Leader In Advanced Fall Alert Detection & Notification Technology

SafeGuardian Offers Advanced Fall Detection, Alert and Notifications

Fall alert detection and notification technology has made significant advancements over the past few years. No othe medical alarm company has done more to provide their clients with the absolute best systems available. We are the only company that offers ADJUSTABLE fall alert sensitivity to reduce or eliminate false alerts.

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SafeGuardian Medical Alarm Pendant

 Medical Alarm Pendant

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SafeGuardian SOS Senior Smartwatch With Fall Detection & Notification Alerts

Medical Alarm Smartwatches

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SafeGuardian CareCaller Caregiver Call Buttons

Caregiver Call Buttons

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Press The SOS Button To Activate Your SafeGuardian Medical Alarm Pendant

Activate Your CareCaller

Simply press the SOS button manually - or automaticly after a possible fall - and the device will activate. The CareCaller will announce the CareCaller has been activated. Press the SOS button again to cancel.

Fall Alerts With Adjustable Sensitivity.

Immediate help following a fall is critical to returning home. Your CareCaller can detect possible falls using state-of-the-art technology. Upon sensing a fall, it will automatically activate to notify caregivers or professional response.

SafeGuardian Medical Alarms Feature Fall Alerts with Adjustable Sensitivity
Built-In GPS Locator Pinpoints Your SafeGuardian Medical Alarm in Seconds

Built-In GPS Determines Your Precise Location.

Your CareCaller works nationwide so it is important to detemine EXACTLY where the user is located. Our exclusive PinPoint GPS technology take just 60 seconds to establish & report your precise location..

Preset Contacts Receive a Text

Instant text message alerts can be sent to one or more of your preset contacts/caregivers anytime your CareCaller is activated. This alerts everyone in your circle of care you need assistance.

SafeGuardian Medical Alarm Can Send SMS Text Message Notification(s) To Pre-set Contacts
SafeGuardian Medical Alarms can Call & Text Up To Five Pre-set Contacts

Personal Caregivers are Called...

Your pre-set contacts and caregivers will be called in the order they are listed on your account. They can speak with you hands-free over the loud speaker and built-in microphone..

Personal Emergency Response

If you have selected the option to have your CareCaller professionally monitored 24/7 then it will directly contact a live agent standing by to assist..

SafeGuardian Medical Alarms Emergency Monitoring Center Provides 24/7 Protection

The Lifesaving Power of Fall Alerts

Wellness Checks Made Easy

Locate Loved Ones Anytime

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Hundreds of Satisfied Customers Say It Best...

Teresa M.

"...she fell and broke he hip. Please know that the call button saved he life. When she fell, she also hit her head but was clear enough to press the alarm button. I went immediately & called the ambulance. I wasn't due to go there for over a day so she would have been lying on the floor. Thank you so much for not only your product, but all the people involved in support."

Nora C.

"Thank you very much for all your service. Your service has given us some peace of mind."

Maureen P.

"I am very grateful to your company for the security you provided to my mother and the peace of mind it brought to my sisters and brother. Thank you for being there."

Jeffrey O.

"Your service was invaluable and allowed Margaret to continue living independently in her apartment much longer than would have been possible without your service. For this my mother and I both thank you."

Martha M.

"Your service has been absolutely wonderful, our whole family is grateful for the peace of mind and prompt care you provided."

Keyy S.

"...we did use your service, it was invaluable to us. Harvey fell and broke two ribs, and was unable to seek help. Because he had his bracelet on, he was able to notify you, and you alerted us and the paramedics. Had we not enrolled in this service, this situation could have been horrific. Thank you so much for helping us when we needed it."

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