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Introducing the CareCaller™ LTE

Fall Alerts Without The False Alarms

Most companies offer products with fall detection, but only SafeGuardian’s CareCaller™ LTE boasts fall detection with adjustable sensitivity and alert cancelling. Never worry about triggering false alarms or having a fall go undetected. The CareCaller™ LTE can adjust the sensitivity of its fall detection and tailor to the needs of every user.

Wellness Checks from Anywhere

The CareCaller™ LTE makes it easier than ever to perform routine wellness checks of a loved one with the simplicity of a phone call. Unlike traditional landline-based devices, the CareCaller™ LTE is assigned its own phone number and all authorized contacts can call into the device anytime, anywhere to listen in or talk.

Always Know Where Loved Ones Are

Only the CareCaller™ LTE provides caretakers with on-demand, exact GPS location of loved ones — including Google Maps link — anytime, anywhere. Don’t wait for a fall or an emergency to learn your loved one’s whereabouts.

Reassurance With Voice Alerts

Innovative voice alerts keep users informed during such events as an SOS button press or a fall detection. The CareCaller™ LTE will even instruct users how to cancel false alarms. Click below to hear a sample.

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Immediately Contact Caregivers

For those living independently, not all assistance requires paramedics. The CareCaller™ LTE immediately contacts up to five contacts — be they friends, family, nurses, doctors, etc., — anytime a fall is detected or the SOS button is pressed. Sometimes you don’t need an ambulance speeding down your street, you just need a familiar face.

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