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CONSUMER ALERT...Don't be fooled by "top rating" medical alarm web sites!

CONSUMER ALERT...Don't be fooled by "top rating" medical alarm web sites!

If you do a search for "medical alarms" or "medical alert" you will discover most of the first few pages of results are NOT medical alarm companies! They are dozens of "Top Rated..." or "10 Best..." comparison sites that publish reviews and ratings of everything from kitchen appliances to automobiles.

Did you know almost every web site that claims to review/rank medical alarm systems contractually get paid a huge sales commission when you read their reviews and order a system by clicking on their site link(s)? They go to great lengths to make it sound like they conduct objective, in-depth tests. This includes such "respectable" sites as AARP, US News/World Report and even Forbes!

Fact is, they don't care which system you order so long as you click on one of their reviews! They routinely only choose to review those companies who pay the highest commissions. Many reputable (non-commission paying) companies are not included in the results.

At SafeGuardian, we have NEVER PAID for top rating reviews because our products are simply more advanced than the decades old technology offered by our competition. 

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