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Professional Quality Medical Alarms w/ Free Fall Detection + Immediate Text Alerts!

SafeGuardian CareCaller Senior SOS Medical Alarm Help + Fall Alert Pendant

Professional Medical Alarm + Free Fall Alerts

Best 24/7 Live Agent Response. Texts up to five caregivers when activated. Unlimited automatic fall alerts. Free Pendant, $1.50/day & No Contracts.

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SafeGuardian CareCaller Senior SOS Medical Alarm Help + Fall Alert Smartwatches

NEW! SOS Senior Smartwatch + Fall Alerts

SOS Help Smartwatch w/ Free Fall Alerts, Call + Text Notifications, Call-in Feature + GPS Locator. Free Watch, $1.50/day & No Contracts.

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SafeGuardian CareCaller Caller Senior Help + Fall Alert Pendant

Caregiver Help Caller + Fall Alert Pendants

Caregiver Caller w/ Free Fall Alerts, Calls + Texts Up To 5 Caregivers, Call-in Feature, GPS Locator. Free Pendant, $1/day & No Contracts.

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SafeGuardian Automatic Senior Fall Detection Notifications and Text Alerts

VIDEO: #1 Medical Alarm + Fall Alert Caregiver Call Button For Seniors

Only a SafeGuardian Caregiver Call Button Automatically Calls & Text Alert(s) up to Five Contacts

Money Back Guarantee

Nationwide Coverage

Month-to-Month Service

Cancel Anytime

How a CareCaller Senior Medical Alarm SOS Button Works

The Only Help Alert Button That Directly Connects You To Your Caregivers In Seconds!

Only a SafeGuardian CareCaller
Button Calls & Texts to up to Five Contacts (Caregivers, Family Members and/or Loved-Ones) Immediately Upon Activation by SOS Button Press or Possible Fall.

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Award-winning, Fully Certified Personal Response Center

SafeGuardian's monitoring center opened in 1977 and, at 82,000 square feet, is America's LARGEST Response Center. Over 1 BILLION alarm signals responded to every year!

Exclusive SafeGuardian Benefits

Text Message Notifications
and Alerts to Keep
Caregivers Informed

Fall Alerts with Adjustable
Sensitivity to Prevent
False Alarms

Call-in Feature to Perform
Wellness Checks from
Anywhere, Anytime

PinPoint GPS™ with
Google Maps to Locate
Loved Ones

Direct-To Caregiver
Calling at the Press
of a Button

Innovative Voice Prompts
to Assist and
Reassure Users

Latest and Largest LTE Cellular
Network Technology to Protect
Loved Ones Anywhere

Optional 24/7 Monitoring
for Around-the-clock

Automatic Text Alerts
for Low Battery
and Inactivity