The SafeGuardian Story

Welcome To Peace Of Mind!

SafeGuardian began in 1999 as LifeGuardian Technologies, LLC and has been a continuous developer, innovator and leading provider of personal help alert, medical alarm systems, fall detection devices, GPS personal locators and SOS mobile caller for almost 20 years.

LifeGuardian innovation developed and distributed one of the very first wireless home medical alarm system designed to be user installed. This allowed hundreds of thousands of seniors to order and set-up a home medical alert system while saving hundreds of dollars. Over the next few years, other companies were quick to copy this successful business model in order to stay competitive. Today, virtually every major medical alarm company ships their systems directly to users.

The wireless technology began to improve quickly and new help alert devices were developed including our own OneTouch SOS senior safety cell phones, GPS locators & trackers, child locator watches, and much more. As these devices were cellular-based, they provided additional protection for younger, active and mobile individuals.

It became clear that LifeGuardian needed to expand to meet healthcare industry demand and to continue to develop its own unique life-saving products and services. Additionally, large healthcare providers were requesting "non-monitored" devices to meet the growing need for in-home "telehealth" solutions.

So SafeGuardian, LLC was born and now offers two highly-sophisticated, fully-redundent US-based 24/7 response centers in Utah & Idaho.

Unlike our competition. we remain dedicated to innovation - not marketing and advertising. We are not an old "Help I've Fallen" company. We are not a cellular phone company claiming "great calls" who decided to get into the medical alert business. You will never see highly compensated "celebrities" promoting SafeGuardian products in print ads or television commercials.

We are dedicated to just the latest, highest quality help alert products and the most advanced technology services direct to the healthcare industry - at the lowest possible prices.

Today, we continue to innovate and develop new technologies. Our latest innovation is a revolutionary line of SOS CareCallers. No longer must a customer be required to subscribe to expensive monitoring services or contracts. Our new CareCallers are user-programmable to directly call/text caregivers, family, friends, neighbors and even healthcare providers. Some models feature advanced built-in GPS locators, fall detectors and all operate anywhere in the United States using the world's largest cellular GSM network.

We are the exclusive distributor of the amazing new CareCaller line of help alert devices. Please feel free to contact any of our friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff if you have any questions regarding any of our products or services. 

Thank You and Be Safe!

T. Clayton Franks, Executive Director