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About Us



SafeGuardian has been helping your loved ones live safely and independently for over 15 years.

We got our start when the standard landline-based console was the norm in the medical help alert industry. And although our clients were thrilled with the protection we provided inside their homes, we often thought, "how will they be protected when they leave the house?"

And on top of that, what if loved ones want to contact their family members, doctors, nurses, or caregivers for non-emergency matters without involving 911 or having the traumatic experience of an ambulance racing down the street to their driveway?

After thoughtful development, we came to a solution: the CareCaller™.

Through this innovative mobile help alert pendant, seniors and loved ones can get the same protection we provided in their homes and take it with them anywhere, anytime. No longer will they worry while going about their everyday lives — whether it be at the grocery store, post office, or even their own backyard.

And as our country's population of seniors and retirees continues to grow, we know that they'd much rather live independently and age in the comfort and love of their own home. 

It's how SafeGuardian does its part to protect all that you love.

Want to connect with us further? Here's how:

Call our team: 800-378-2957 

Reach us via email: service@safeguardian.com


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