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About Us

Born With The Dedication To Service To Others In Need

Fact is, SafeGuardian is the ONLY senior help alert company that is a Certified Veteran-Owned Business.

At the ripe young age of 18, I joined the Marines in to serve my country and protect those that could not protect themselves. As a electronics technician, I specialized in advanced top-secret communication technology - eventually earning the rank of Sergeant in the 2nd Battalion, 9th Marine division.

 After earning a Bachelorette Degree in Business Administration, I spent years working as an executive in the security and alarm industry - specializing in home medical alarm systems for seniors. In 2003, we invented the very first user-installable wireless home medical alarm system in the US.

After years of research & development, SafeGuardian, LLC was formed. We continued to lead the industry with the exclusive CareCaller line of mobile help alert pendants that call caregivers and family members directly. No longer did seniors worry about alerting a call center "agent" who may automatically dispatch rescue paramedics. 

In the Service, There is a Rule That The Fallen Never Get Left Behind...

Falls by seniors are a major concern for caregivers. In 2016, we incorporated an industry leading Fall Alert System into all our CareCaller devices. The 4 axis/3D motion sensor technology with adjustable sensitivity is only available from SafeGuardian.

Optimized to detect and alert a wide variety of possible falls - while minimizing false alerts - the CareCaller is the most advanced Fall Alert System for the elderly available anywhere.

How Can We Serve You - Or Your Loved Ones?

Not So Lean, Not So Green - Always a Marine

We know you have a choice in medical alarm companies. Myself - and my team of fellow veterans - would be honored with the responsibility to protect your loved ones. Our goal is to keep them living independently and safely in the comfort of their own homes for as long as possible.

Be Safe and Secure,

T. Clayton Franks, Founder and CEO

SafeGuardian, LLC

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