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Remote, 24-hour wellness checks made possible with SafeGuardian

SafeGuardian Fall Alert Systems + SOS Medical Alarms

Caregivers, imagine your loved one is quieter than usual one day. You usually talk to them at least once at the same time every day. But today, you’ve heard nothing.

Your first thought is to call their phone, right? But they don’t answer.

Ok, now you’re worried. But you’re at work and you can’t step away to go to their house and check in. What do you do? If something is actually wrong, you can’t wait until the end of the day to find out.

Remote wellness checks from anywhere

So here’s what you do, you call into their sos medical alarm. Maybe they aren’t near their phone. Maybe their cell ran out of battery. Maybe they just didn’t hear it. But you know they will have their medical alarm on them. 

So, say you call their device. It rings and answers. Your loved one hears you and starts speaking to you from their device. They say they’re sorry, they left their phone somewhere. You lovingly scold them for scaring you, but you’re thrilled you worried for nothing.

Or, say you call their device, and it rings and answers. You call out your loved one’s name, but there’s no response on the other end. Clearly something is wrong. Maybe they’re incapacitated.

Wellness checks prevent catastrophe

That’s your red flag. Your cue to call 911. Without the sos medical alarm, you would have had no way of knowing why your loved one wasn’t answering, and you would have had no other way to check in on them.

Both of these scenarios happen frequently for caregivers to seniors. And with jobs and families of their own to tend to, caregivers don’t always have the luxury of simply going over to their loved one’s home. There has to be another way for them to ensure their loved one is safe and sound.

Wellness checks at the press of a button

The most amazing part of the SafeGuardian's devices is that because it’s 4G LTE enabled, you — and any other contact in the device — can call into it. The device will ring a few times, and answer automatically.

We call this the wellness check from anywhere feature. 

It’s how we’re making the lives of caregivers to seniors easier every day.

Are you a caregiver who’s ready to start looking for a suitable help alert device to assist you in caring for your loved one? Visit us at safeguardian.com or call us at 800-378-2957.