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Here's how to refer your clients or loved ones to SafeGuardian

SafeGuardian Fall Alert Systems + SOS Medical Alarms

Over the last decade, seniors have been living longer and more independently than ever before. At the same time, the PERS industry has flourished, becoming a key component to more seniors' lives than ever before.

These two trends are not exclusive. There's no doubt that the innovation and greater availability of PERS devices has helped seniors continue to age safely from wherever they choose — be it their own homes or independent living communities.

How SafeGuardian Keeps Seniors Living Independently Safer and Longer

For over 15 years, SafeGuardian has provided that very safety and assurance to seniors throughout the country with our line of CareCaller™ solutions.

And more recently, our medical alarm fall alert SOS pendant has helped home health, home care, 55+, and independent living agencies across the U.S. keep their clients living at home safer and longer — saving both clients and the agencies tens of thousands of dollars on top of it.

The device was designed to provide a proactive approach to home patient care. It encourages patients to call their healthcare provider or caregiver for routine or even urgent matters, which significantly increases patient engagement.

SafeGuardian By the Numbers

This typically results in a 24% reduction in avoidable hospital readmissions, 35% reduction in unnecessary ER visits and a 50% reduction in missed home nurse visits.

This saves agencies upwards of $15,000 per patient from reduced hospital readmissions, ambulance and ER visits and missed nurse visits.

But the the medical alarm fall alert SOS pendant doesn't just save agencies money, it also helps them make money. The longer clients can safely live independently, the longer they'll utilize the services of a home health or independent living agency. Even just a few extra months of service thanks to our devices could garner your agency an extra $5000+.

How to Refer Your Acquaintances to SafeGuardian

SafeGuardian's Referral Program has put our medical alarm SOS pendant in the hands of home health, 55+, and independent living agencies across the country for over a decade. The best part is that program membership is completely free.

Ready to join the program and start referring clients or acquaintances? Join here at no cost and receive your free welcome kit. You'll even earn rewards for every referral!