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Fall Alert Devices are the Primary Reason For Majority of Help Calls

SafeGuardian Fall Alert Systems + SOS Medical Alarms

Recently released statistics on medical alarm and fall detection SOS device usage that show that PERS (Personal Emergency Reporting System) is being used for much more than just fall detection.

In a review of more than 211,000 PERS calls, “The analysis showed that falls were the primary reason behind 53% of the alert calls.” 

In addition to fall detection, PERS devices were engaged by “individuals with respiratory (12.1%), pain (10.6%), GI (3.1%), cardiac (2.9%), and stroke-related symptoms (1.1%). The analysis also found that nearly 90% of all alert calls did not require escalation to higher levels of care. Further, 42% of adults were able to be assisted with their care needs onsite without emergency intervention or hospitalization.” 

Beyond fall detection, are you considering your PERS device as an aid for acute and chronic illnesses? If you aren’t, you should be. According to the National Council on Aging, “Nearly 80% of U.S. seniors live with at least one chronic disease, such as diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease. Approximately 70% of Medicare beneficiaries have two or more.” While the classic PERS marketing technique of appealing to home-bound seniors’ fears around falls isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, these stats should make you consider alternative scenarios and use cases to promote.

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