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Who should your medical alarm call? (it's not who you think)

SafeGuardian Fall Alert Systems + SOS Medical Alarms

What would you do if you suddenly looked out your living room window to see an ambulance - full on sirens and lights - speeding into your driveway?

First of all, you’d probably panic. You’d also probably think, “is everyone in my house ok?” Then, after the shock wore off, you’d think, “but I didn’t call 911. There’s no emergency here.” The commotion would probably leave you feeling embarrassed.

Why you should call loved ones, not 911

This situation happens far more than you’d think for seniors with help alert buttons. For the longest time, typical help alert solutions on the market for seniors only gave them an option to press their button and call 911.

But here’s something that might surprise you: Did you know that the majority of senior help alert calls are for non-emergency purposes? Like a senior needing help remembering which medication to take, or lift assist calls, or sometimes even a false alarm from accidentally pressing their button.

Why you should call loved ones instead

So, if the majority of their needs are for non-emergency purposes, why do they only have the option to call 911? They don’t need a blaring ambulance in their driveway to assist with medication questions.

What if instead, seniors could choose who their device called out to?

That’s why SafeGuardian created our innovative SOS medical alarm pendant. With this device, they decide who their device calls out to. In fact, they can choose up to five contact numbers to immediately send alert texts and calls out to at the press of a button.

Innovative features to keep you safe

We boast innovative features you won’t find in any other mobile medical alarm: advanced fall alerts, text and call alerts directly to emergency contacts, real-time GPS, 4G LTE technology, call-in and chat, and so much more! Even better, you choose who your device calls out to. Not just some anonymous call center representative.

Imagine the comfort of speaking to a loved one, instead of an anonymous call center agent or 911 dispatcher? Need help with their medication? They can call their nurse or loved one, not 911.

It’s how we make the lives of caregivers and seniors easier every day.