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Features Series: Why Wearables Are Still The Future of Telehealth

Features Series: Why Wearables Are Still The Future of Telehealth - SafeGuardian Medical Alarms & Help Alert Systems

If we've learned nothing else from the COVID-19 outbreak these last two years, it's that Telehealth is the future means of care for America's aging population. 

That much we can agree on.

But the bigger question is what kind of Telehealth best suits seniors. Throughout this last year, the market has been flooded with different solutions. Mobile apps, tablets, computer software, bio-sensors, smart watches, and so much more. 

Sure, all of the bells and whistles that accompany mobile apps and tablets are impressive. But wearable Telehealth solutions like mobile pendants and smart watches still provide the most consistent, dependable protection for seniors.

While tablets and mobile apps might feature innovative technology like games specifically for seniors, video chat, and email, it's just not practical for seniors who need the safety of daily monitoring and protection.

Tablets are great for around the house, but how will seniors be protected when they leave? Will they carry it around the grocery store? What if they fall and aren't within reach of their tablet? How long will they have to wait until help arrives — if at all?

The same goes for mobile apps. Not all seniors have cell phones, and if they do, many don't carry them around the house with them. What happens if a senior falls in the kitchen but their phone is in the bedroom?

And we all know by now that neither tablets nor cell phones are waterproof. The shower is one place where seniors are most vulnerable.

And while younger generations have been around screens their whole life, it's going to take time for seniors to learn the technology and features of, say, a tablet.

But here's what's great about wearable Telehealth devices: They're simple, they're consistent, they're time tested, and they're discreet.

Whether it be at the grocery store, in the home, or in the shower, wearable devices provide help at the press of a single button. And with an intentionally simplistic design, there's no learning curve.

They've been the industry standard for years, and they're proven to work. And now that mobile pendants operate of cellular data, they can be taken and used anywhere. They're highly customizable, and they come pre-programmed, so no technical knowledge or installation is required. And unlike a bulky tablet, a smart watch or pendant can easily be worn and concealed. There are no worries of losing the device if it's wearable. 

Technology in the Telehealth industry is evolving for the better; there's no denying that. But when it comes to protecting a loved one on a daily basis, wearables are the industry standard, and they're still the future.