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Features Series: Making Non-Emergency Phone Calls Directly to Caregivers

What happens when a wearer wants to use their CareCaller™ to ask for routine, non-emergency assistance? 

As we know, not all calls for help from seniors are of the emergency variety. But here's the hangup: If they press the SOS button, an alert will be sent out to all contacts. This could actually have the adverse effect of worrying loved ones or caregivers, and creating confusion for those who think the wearer is in an emergency situation.

Not to mention, for those whose CareCallers are programmed to call 911 or a monitoring center, that could result in an ambulance showing up when a wearer simply needs assistance taking medication, changing smoke detector batteries, and the like.

Taking these scenarios into account, the CareCaller™ features a secondary call button to directly contact one designated caregiver for non-emergency assistance. No text alerts, no worry.

Located on the side of the device, the button can be used by the wearer at any time by pressing and holding the button. A phone call will be made directly to the contact, without the risk of creating panic among the other four contacts. 

This secondary direct call button can be programmed to call any single contact in the device. It's even easier than a cell phone because there's no dialing required. Just press the button and the device will make a call all on its own. And when the conversation is over, it'll hang up. 

It's just another way that the CareCaller™ keeps wearers connected to loved ones at the press of a button.

If you'd like more information on this and many other features of the CareCaller™, call our customer care line at 800-378-2957 or email our team at service@safeguardian.com.