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3 Ways to Prevent False Alarms from Fall Detection

SafeGuardian Fall Alert Systems + SOS Medical Alarms

These days, fall detection has become a must-have feature for customers shopping for a help alert device.

Fall detection is a powerful feature that comes included in most current help alert systems. Even Apple has taken a swing at fall detection in their Apple Watches.

But as this feature has become more readily available, so too have instances of false alarms. Whether it be the device being set off by accident, or a sudden movement being detected as a fall, this surge of false alarms has become a stressor on hospitals, 911 call centers, and EMTs.

There's no debating the merit of fall detection technology, a feature that could prove life-saving in many instances. So what's the solution?

SafeGuardian's innovative fall alert technology has features specifically designed to prevent false alarms.

Voice Prompts: Did you or your loved one accidentally trigger the fall detection on your device? All SafeGuardian devices come equipped with voice prompts that announce a fall has been detected before any alerts are sent out. This gives the user ample time to cancel the alert if it's been activated by accident.

Device Pickup: One the easiest ways to accidentally trigger a false alarm is by dropping your device. Whether it be off a counter or down the stairs, this impact will trigger a fall alert. When this happens, just pick the device while it's announcing a fall has been detected. Righting the device before an alert is sent will signal to it that the event has been corrected and a fall has not occurred.

Contact Caregivers Directly: While most help alert devices are only able to call 911 directly, SafeGuardian's devices call your caregivers directly. While this isn't so much a false alarm preventative, it's always easier to let a loved one know you accidentally triggered your device than a 911 operator. Users whose devices can only call 911 are far more likely to have surprise ambulance visits due to a false alarm.

When it comes to fall detection, your choices are many. Our piece of advice? Stick to the people who specialize in help alerts for seniors. To see our whole collection of medical alert systems, visit Safeguardian.com or call our team at 800-378-2957.