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SafeGuardian Help Alert Systems Improve Doctor-Patient Communication

SafeGuardian Help Alert Systems Improve Doctor-Patient Communication - SafeGuardian Medical Alarms & Help Alert Systems

If you’ve read anything about hospitals lately, you’ll have likely read about the problems they’re facing:understaffing, burnt out workers, budget cuts.

As a result, the concept of “hospital-at-home” programs have gained prominence and popularity as a way to efficiency treat patients amid these staffing and budget shortfalls.

At its core, “hospital-at-home” is like working a job remotely. The patient stays home but still receives their necessary care that they’d receive at the hospital. 

Recent studies have shown that these programs have helped reduce hospital readmissions, as well as overall costs.

But without seeing patients face-to-face on a regular basis, how do doctors ensure proper treatment and overall positive patient outcomes?

One way to keep the lines of communication open between doctors and patients is a help alert device.

Think of it like a nurse call button, but from the comfort of your own home.

SafeGuardian’s line of help alert systems are uniquely designed to perfectly fit into any hospital-from-home program:

  • All SafeGuardian help alert devices are 4GLTE-enabled, ensuring patients can contact their doctor at the press of a button not just from inside their home, but anywhere cell service is available.
  • Additionally, all SafeGuardian help alert devices can be programmed to call a patient’s specific emergency contacts or healthcare team, rather than just calling 911.
  • Thanks to our devices’ call-in and chat feature, healthcare professionals can also call into a patients help alert device, perfect for ensuring daily wellness and confirming at-home appointments.

Though the hospital-at-home initiative has proven to be initially successful, further success will depend on sounds communication between patient and doctor. And as with any remote setup, communication can be difficult. With help alert systems from SafeGuardian, patients can reach their care team directly at the simple press of a button. To learn more about SafeGuardian’s lineup of help alert devices, visit us at SafeGuardian.com.