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Who Should be on Your Senior’s Emergency Contact List and Why?

Who Should be on Your Senior’s Emergency Contact List and Why? - SafeGuardian Medical Alarms & Help Alert Systems

When your loved ones live alone, you need to make sure that they are protected and safe in every situation. And a part of this safety protocol is to prepare an emergency contact list in your senior health watches or other help alert system. However, who should be on your senior’s emergency contact list, and why? Here are some answers to question:

An emergency contact is a person, office, or institution that can be your referral in emergencies. When you get an SOS button or the best health watches for seniors or any other emergency medical device that would protect them in case of emergency, you would have to decide whom you want to be on the emergency contact list and why. If you are someone living very far away for your loved ones and it won’t be possible for you to be present in case of any emergency, then adding your number won’t make sense. It should be noted that depending upon how you add emergency contacts, the outcome of your emergency will differ.
There are certain things to consider while deciding the person whom you want to add to the emergency contact list:
Accessibility – The person you add to the emergency contact must be available or at least ready to respond to emergency alerts in due time. He/she should be accessible and positioned at the same route, location, etc.

Responsibility – Even though a person is accessible but ignores notifications and texts and isn’t responsible enough, then adding him/her to the emergency contact list makes no sense. It is important to add a person who is ready to help anytime and anywhere.

Tranquility – Remaining calm and considerate in an emergency situation isn’t possible for everyone. The person in your contact list should be someone who can handle panic situations with ease and calmness. They should know how to behave in a difficult situation.

Knowledge About the Person in an Emergency – The person on the contact list should be aware of the blood type, health condition, possible habits, and location of the senior to ensure that he/she is able to contribute to the treatment.
Emergencies are never predictable, so it is essential to be prepared as much as possible. You can prepare for emergencies for your loved ones by getting medical assistance devices for them. Check out the complete range of emergency devices at https://safeguardian.com/, and protect your loved ones even when you are not around.