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Bathroom Safety Tips for Seniors

Bathroom Safety Tips for Seniors - SafeGuardian Medical Alarms & Help Alert Systems

When we age, our body becomes fragile. Even a small jerk can cause some serious issues. And this makes it essential to take proper care in every situation. Falls are one of the most dangerous accidents for seniors and this is more likely due to muscle weakness, poor eyesight, and medical conditions that can cause dizziness. Many seniors face fatal injuries due to slipping in the bathroom. Thus, it becomes the responsibility of the people around to carry out certain bathroom safety tips for seniors. Here are some helpful tips to ensure your loved one is safe in the bathroom: 

Remove Hazards – Rugs or mats can be trip hazards, so tape them to the floor or remove them so that seniors do not trip and get hurt. It is also important to ensure that the bathroom floor isn’t slippery.

Increase Lighting – With age, vision gradually fades, which makes it essential to ensure proper lighting. Reduced vision can cause various serious injuries. Always ensure proper lighting in the bathroom.

Shower Grab Bars – Grab bars are essential in the shower for seniors, as they help them to get a grip in case of any emergency like a fall, dizziness, etc. These grab bars also make sure that if there is a fall, it isn’t severe.

Help Alert Devices – Emergency assistance devices or mobile medical alarm for seniors are great for seniors who are alone, even in the bathroom. In case of any emergency, seniors can use these devices to get immediate medical assistance.
Even by following these safety tips for your loved ones, accidents can still happen when they’re alone. In that case, protecting seniors with certain medical assistance devices can be a great option. If you want to go that extra mile for your loved ones, then check out the complete range of emergency medical devices for seniors at https://safeguardian.com/, and protect your close ones even when you are not around.