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What You Should Know About Medical Alarm SOS Watch

What You Should Know About Medical Alarm SOS Watch - SafeGuardian Medical Alarms & Help Alert Systems

With age comes the risk of falling. And according to statistics, senior fall deaths are on the rise over the past few years. And not only in the case of seniors, but those with certain disabilities or chronic illnesses may also benefit from having medical assistance at the press of a button. In these situations, a Medical Alarm SOS Watch can be of great use.

The SOS watch provides added safety and security in the event of an emergency, which is essential for people who live alone or have a chronic disease. This is a small, lightweight medical alert device that you can wear. The watch can connect you with emergency services when you push the help button and would also contact your friends and loved ones in an emergency.

Features of an SOS Medical Alarm Watch

  • Below are the common features that come with SOS alarm watches:
  • Fully functional smartwatch with an SOS button on the front
  • Designed to look like a regular smartwatch with the added benefits of a personal alarm system
  • Can be used to get emergency assistance when in distress or in case of any medical emergency
  • Hands-free call, answer, talk, and hang up
  • Adjustable microphone and speaker volume
  • Real-time heart rate monitoring and tracking
  • Step tracking and monitoring
  • Inactivity and low-battery text message alerts
  • Unauthorized (spam) call block feature
  • Waterproof up to certain feet

With the help of an SOS watch, emergency contacts will be notified during an emergency with a complete date and time and real-time GPS location and link to Google Maps. And if you want your loved ones to be properly protected, then an SOS watch would be perfect for them. For more details, visit our website today i.e., https://safeguardian.com/.