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Advantages of Fall Alert Pendant for Seniors

Advantages of Fall Alert Pendant for Seniors - SafeGuardian Medical Alarms & Help Alert Systems

None of us would want our senior loved ones to fall when no one is near to help. A fall is one of the most difficult struggles that seniors have to deal with. Falls can result in serious injuries for seniors, like fractures and broken bones, and even severely impact their mental health, further leading to anxiety and stress over falling and getting hurt again in the future. To cope with this, we can now leverage the power of technology. A small device with fall detection can be lifesaving for seniors.

How Does a Fall Detection System Work?

The fall detection systems are usually built into a medical alert device. These systems carry sensors that can detect the difference between daily activities and an actual fall. These devices help in reducing the risk of long-term injuries by detecting an abrupt change in position, and alerting loved ones immediately when a fall happens.

Perks of using a Fall Alert Pendant for Seniors

  • It can activate an alarm when a senior is in distress even if the senior cannot activate the alarm themselves 
  • This technology addresses the problem of being unable to push a button in a fall and can significantly reduce the mortality rate from falls with the help of immediate medical assistance  
  •  Helps seniors to live independently  
  • Provides assurance to seniors’ families that medical assistance with be provided immediately when a fall occurs 
  • This device is of great assistance in alleviating the fear of falling 

The fall alert pendant helps seniors to continue being active and confident while participating in activities. Check out the complete range of medical alert devices and systems at SafeGuardian LLC, and ensure that your loved ones are safe and protected even when you are not around.