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URGENT! Why Right Now Is the Best Time To Protect Our Seniors

URGENT! Why Right Now Is the Best Time To Protect Our Seniors - SafeGuardian Medical Alarms & Help Alert Systems

Fact is, winter brings more deadly risks for our seniors living at home – especially those who live alone or who have chronic conditions.

During the recent holiday winter storm in Buffalo, NY over 30 people died from exposure without being able to call for help. Seniors who had help alert buttons were able to call for assistance while utilities were down and many were trapped inside their homes needing rescue.

Fact is, winter is the highest risk time of the year for weather-related deaths – many of which are greater for vulnerable seniors. 

The winter months typically bring a variety of severe, potentially life-threatening situations including:

  • Winter ice storms
  • Blizzards & snowstorms
  • Electric power grid outages
  • Gas / heating oil shortages
  • Icy walkways, stairs and driveways
  • Black ice driving conditions
  • Heart attacks due to shoveling snow
  • Storm & river flooding

Many of these situations may be experience AWAY FROM HOME. A wireless, wearable help alert CareCaller can be a lifesaver even for active seniors.

Additionally, many family members/loved ones may be miles – or states away. They need to keep in constant contact with their family members and be notified IMMEDITELY if there is a call for routine personal assistance or urgent emergency situation.

Traditional medical alarms are designed to call a response center who is standing by to dispatch rescue or paramedics. Family members/caregivers are often the last to know when an activation/dispatch occurs. They have no ability to call into the device or to speak with the wearer in the event is a non-emergency

The next generation wearable help alert systems, like a SafeGuardian™ Medical Alarm Pendant or a SafeGuardian™ Medical Alarm SOS Smartwatch, are designed to call & text caregivers, family members, neighbors, friends neighbors directly.

Falls outside the home are also a problem as seniors routinely fall in their yards. The automatic fall alert feature can be a lifesaver. Subscribers have reported family members staying outside overnight on the lawn until being rescued by family members the next day.

Best of all, the real time pinpoint GPS locator can provide caregivers with the instant, precise location of any wearer within 60 seconds from any smartphone. A google map link is provided 

Fact is there have been thousands of lives saved because they were able to press their wearable help alert button and get help right away. If you know of a senior who is at risk – or who has a history of falls – then NOW is the time to order a free SafeGuardian™ Medical Alarm Pendant.  

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