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The Benefits of Fitness Tracking in Seniors

The Benefits of Fitness Tracking in Seniors - SafeGuardian Medical Alarms & Help Alert Systems

Fitness trackers have long been associated principally with younger generations of Americans.

Initially, because of the moderate learning curve of the newly minted technology, these devices seemed an ill fit for seniors. But over the years, this demographic has become more comfortable with wearables, and manufacturers have slowly begun implementing these monitoring technologies into their help alert devices.

The benefits of fitness tracking in seniors has recently been established as a helpful tool in measuring overall daily activity.

Step counting features are the most commonly implemented in these wearables for seniors. Tracking steps can help caregivers monitor a senior's daily activity and establish an average baseline to examine that person's health and fitness. Dips in activity could be an early warning sign of oncoming or worsening conditions or an indication that additional care and supervision might be needed.

Paired with a step counter, heart rate monitoring can be a powerful glimpse into a particular senior's overall health trajectory.

With heart rate monitoring, caregivers can establish an average resting heartbeat as a baseline. From there, activity metrics can be measured against a senior's heart rate by seeing how a person's heart rate reacts to exercise or other activity, how quickly their heart rate recovers afterward, and how those measurements compare to previous days.

The best part is that these features now come standard and packaged in a discreet, everyday smartwatch. Your loved one won't feel intruded upon, and you can still monitor his or her health. 

These fitness tracking metrics — and more — come standard on all CareCaller™ SOS Smartwatches. 

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