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Features Series: Remote Programming is Convenient for You and Safe for Loved Ones

The CareCaller™ LTE is innovative in that it can be fully programmed and communicated with by any cell phone from anywhere in the country — no matter where a wearer or caregiver is. 

That means no more service calls from technicians, complicated installation, or long hold times with call centers. Everything you could ever need to do can be done with the simplicity of a text message.

Every CareCaller™ LTE runs on 4G LTE, and as a result, is assigned its own phone number. And just like a standard cell phone, anyone can send text commands directly to the device.

Tasks like changing a contact number, adjusting the fall alert sensitivity, checking the battery level, requesting the GPS location, and much more can be done with your cell phone from anywhere in the country.

These user-friendly features put caregivers in full control of the CareCaller™ LTE. 

This is especially relevant in the era of COVID-19, where face-to-face visits with older wearers are being reduced or eliminated altogether as a safety precaution.

If a caregiver needs to change a setting or run a diagnostic check on a loved one's device, they don't need to visit the home and possibly jeopardize a wearer's health. Instead, they can safely and easily send a text message to the device.

It's as simple as that.

And every CareCaller™ LTE comes standard with our innovative spam blocking feature so that only authorized contact numbers can send text messages or change settings on a device. 

It's how SafeGuardian is making caring for loved ones easier and safer than ever before.