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The Amazing $39 Senior SOS Medical Alarm Smartwatch

The Amazing $39 Senior SOS Medical Alarm Smartwatch - SafeGuardian Medical Alarms & Help Alert Systems

At last…an affordable, high quality, professional grade Senior SOS Medical Alarm Smartwatch! 

What we’re seeing in the market are seniors that are more active and tech-savvy. They’re looking for the safety features that PERS provides, but they want them to seamlessly and unobtrusively fit into their more active lifestyles.” states Thomas Franks, Director Of SafeGuardian, LLC.
The new SafeGuardian SOS Medical Alarm Smartwatch boasts features familiar to many smartwatch users—like step-counting — as well as heart rate and activity monitoring. Text message notifications are also available and can be used for reminders, including medication alerts. 
The SafeGuardian SOS Medical Alarm Smartwatch is the latest technology available. It is completely self-contained (no pairing to a nearby Bluetooth smartphone is required) and it utilizes the nationwide 4G LTE T-Mobile/Sprint cellular networks.

Designed for active seniors - and their caregivers – it is simple to use and is very customizable. The large, bright watch faces are easy to read and it looks like a regular smartwatch. There is nothing visible on the watch that screams senior  medical alarm. 

The audio voice prompts inform the wearer when features like the SOS function are activated and tells the wearer how to cancel the alarm. There are over eight built-in languages to choose from. 


To activate the SOS feature, the wearer simply presses on the watch face or presses the side button for five seconds. Users can specify up to five pre-set contacts (family members, caregivers, loved ones, even 911) which are notified by text message or call(s) in the event the SOS function is activated. 

The contacts on file receive an immediate text message notification to their smartphone that includes the date, time and GPS location of the wearer. One tap on the text message displays a Google map.

Authorized contacts can call into the SOS Smartwatch at any time using the dedicated phone number to speak handsfree with the wearer. This “wellness check” feature is very popular with family members and caregivers.

The optional built-in fall alerts designed to reduce false activations by using an advanced algorithm and user adjustable sensitivity – only available on the SafeGuardian SOS Smartwatch.

“Our smartwatch is a great solution for families to convince an aging family member —be it younger, more active, or male—who is averse to wearing a conventional medical alarm pendant device.” continues Franks.
While other big-tech competitors (Apple & Samsung) definitely have high priced (Typically $350-$450 to purchase plus monthly service) smartwatches that, on paper, seem to include medical alarm features, there is no comparison to the capabilities provided by a designed and purpose-built smartwatch tailored specifically for the needs of seniors. 

For a limited time, the price of the new SafeGuardian SOS Medical Alarm Smartwatch is the best value available anywhere. Only $39 at time of order and then $39/month for the cellular service. Adding optional fall alerts or professional monitoring are just $10/mo each.

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