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Medical Alert Systems Prevent Catastrophe

Medical Alert Systems Prevent Catastrophe - SafeGuardian Medical Alarms & Help Alert Systems

We at SafeGuardian get this question all of the time: Your medical alert systems are great, but do I really need one? Turns out, the answer is a resounding “Yes”, according to a recent poll by Forbes Health. In their survey, a staggering 86% of medical alert system users say their device has saved them either from “potential catastrophe” or from an “incident that could have escalated” had they not been using a medical alert system.

These numbers are no surprise to us, but they serve as a stark reminder to those on the fence about purchasing a medical alert system either for themselves or their loved one. The best part? SafeGuardian’s line of medical alert systems are so discreet and easy to use that you or your loved one will enjoy peace of mind at no inconvenience to you at all. Here’s why:

Nationwide 4G LTE: All SafeGuardian medical alert systems come standard with nationwide 4G LTE service. Why? Because this generation of seniors is the healthiest and most independent we’ve ever seen. What good would one of those old landline-based devices do if you or your loved one actually want to leave the house? With SafeGuardian, seniors can enjoy protection and peace of mind anywhere they go, anytime they need it.

Small, Convenient, Discreet: If seniors are going to take their medical alert system wherever they go, it needs to be small, convenient, and discreet. At SafeGuardian, our medical alert pendants are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. No wires, no other hardware. Just your pendant that can easily be worn around your neck, under clothes, or on your waistband.

Real-time GPS: In order to avoid “potential catastrophe” during a medical emergency, time is always of the essence. All SafeGuardian medical alert systems come standard with real-time GPS. Should you or your loved one ever have a medical or other emergency and decide to press your SOS button, all emergency contacts will receive an alert, complete with your real-time GPS location and a Google Maps link to give them exact directions.

Wellness Checks From Anywhere: Your loved one may not always have their cell phone, or even answer it when they do. But one thing you can count on is them wearing their medical alert system. With SafeGuardian’s line of medical alert systems, emergency contacts can call into their loved one’s device — anywhere, anytime. Haven’t heard from mom or dad in a while? Call into their device. It will answer automatically after a few rings. We call it the wellness check from anywhere. Preventative care is the best way to keep you or your loved ones living healthy, independent lives.

When it comes to the health of yourself or your loved one, avoiding potential catastrophe should be at the top of your list. And with SafeGuardian’s line of innovative, convenient medical alert systems, that’s never been easier. To explore the complete collection, go to SafeGuardian.com.