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Help Alert Systems: The Cure for Kinless Seniors

Help Alert Systems: The Cure for Kinless Seniors - SafeGuardian Medical Alarms & Help Alert Systems

In an ongoing series on aging Gen X and Boomer seniors, the New York Times recently reported on a growing demographic known as “kinless seniors”.

This group of Americans — about one million of them — are characterized as Gen X or Boomer seniors with no children.

As we’ve mentioned before, seniors are relying more and more on their children or other family members to be their primary caregiver as they age. So, this presents a quandary: who will care for these seniors without children or other family to rely upon?

Of course, there are alternate solutions to family caregivers: assisted living or other senior housing, home health agencies, or private nurses. The problem is, these solutions are expensive. Not to mention, seniors overwhelmingly prefer to age at home for as long as they possibly can.

Help alert systems are a logical alternative to these expensive and labor-intensive options. Think of them as a nurse call button that can be used anywhere to call anyone, not just a nurse while you’re in the hospital.

Help Alert Systems Provide Peace of Mind for Independent Seniors

This generation of seniors is also the healthiest, most active, and most independent we’ve ever seen. And as we mentioned above, they overwhelmingly prefer to age from the comfort of their own home. But leaving the home can bring its own risks for seniors. All SafeGuardian help alert systems are 4G LTE enabled, which means that they can be taken anywhere throughout the country. The days of being tied to a landline-based device inside the home are long gone.

Call out to Anyone in Your Network of Care

Whether you have family caregivers or not, your SafeGuardian help alert system can be used to call out to anyone you choose. Have a personal nurse, doctor, or even a neighbor providing your care? We can program your device to call out directly to them when you need help. Just because you don’t have family caregivers doesn’t mean you have to go without care.

Professional Help at Your Fingertips

Do you identify as one of these “kinless seniors”? SafeGuardian also offers professional monitoring services on all of our help alert systems. When you press your SOS button, you’re immediately patched through to our professional monitoring center. The representatives have all of your pertinent medical information and can do things like dispatch 911 to you, call your emergency contacts, or provide assistance in non-emergency situations as well.

It’s important for those aging seniors without family caregivers to know that they have options. SafeGuardian help alert systems provide peace of mind at the press of a button to anyone and from anywhere and anytime. To see our whole collection of help alert systems, visit Safeguardian.com or call our team at 800-378-2957.