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What will happen to your 3G devices?

What will happen to your 3G devices? - SafeGuardian Medical Alarms & Help Alert Systems

There's something happening that many help alert providers aren't telling you: In just a few months, millions of help alert devices nationwide will be rendered completely inoperable.

That's because starting starting in 2022, nationwide 3G service — for any device, be it help alert devices or cell phones — will be phased out and rendered inoperable, leaving seniors who've enjoyed years of protection in and out of their house without that safety line.

And by the end of next year, 3G service —and any device using it — will be entirely gone.

For seniors and providers across the country, this poses a massive problem, and will leave millions of seniors without protection. And despite advances in technology, many millions of seniors still don't have access to internet or even 4G service yet, and had been depending on 3G to keep them safe and connected to the world.

With this development in mind, SafeGuardian long ago developed new and improved 4G versions of all of our devices to ensure that our customers are never without service or peace of mind.

But what of those seniors whose current provider either doesn't offer a 4G option, or will charge their clients a large sum to upgrade to a newer model?  

As a company that exists to serve seniors — no matter their situation — we would like to offer those who will soon find themselves without protection a way forward.

Starting Dec. 1, SafeGuardian will rollout its 3G trade-in program for customers from other help alert providers whose devices will soon be unusable. For a limited time, those customers can trade in their old 3G device in exchange for a SafeGuardian 4G device for FREE. Just provide us with the name of the company and your device name, and we'll send you a CareCaller™ free of charge.

Are you one of those customers? Click here to fill out this short form, or contact our team to trade in your device anytime by phone at 800-378-2957, or email us at service@safeguardian.com