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SafeGuardian Referral Program FAQ

Q: Does the program cost me anything?

A: Nope! Joining the SafeGuardian Referral Program is completely free. In fact, we send YOU materials just for signing up. Just give us your name and email address, and we'll email you a free welcome kit.

Q: So, what's in it for me?

A: For every referral you make that leads to a sale, you'll receive a $50 commission. Even just a few referrals will add up to a nice payout!

Q: How do I join the program?

A: Simply go to this page and fill in your name and email address. We'll do the rest!

Q: How do I refer someone to you who might be interested?

A: You can direct them to our website with the marketing materials we provided you in the welcome kit, go online and order for them, or just give us a call or email. Of course, good old word of mouth never hurts either!


Q: Can I request physical copies of the free marketing material?

A: Yep! Just email us at and one of our team members will assist you with your request.

Medical ID Jewelry

Medical ID jewelry from Lauren’s Hope offers instant access to key information needed by first responders in an emergency.

Engrave yours with your personal information along with, “PRESS SOS 4 HELP,” and wear it with your medical alert button.


Medical Alert Systems

Medical Alert Systems from SafeGuardian alert your loved ones that you need assistance at the push of a button.

Learn more at


What should I engrave on a medical ID?

Give those around you all the information they need to get you the right help, fast. Engrave your key medical information along with a prompt to activate your Medical Alert System, such as, "PRESS SOS FOR HELP".