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SafeGuardian Referral Program FAQ

Q: Does the program cost me anything?

A: Nope! Joining the SafeGuardian Referral Program is completely free. In fact, we send YOU materials just for signing up. Just give us your name and email address, and we'll email you a free welcome kit.

Q: So, what's in it for me?

A: For every referral you make that leads to a sale, you'll receive a commission for the lifetime of the device. Even just a few referrals will add up to a nice payout!

Q: How do I join the program?

A: Simply go to this page and fill in your name and email address. We'll do the rest!

Q: How do I refer someone to you who might be interested?

A: You can direct them to our website with the marketing materials we provided you in the welcome kit, go online and order for them, or just give us a call or email. Of course, good old word of mouth never hurts either!

Q: Can I request physical copies of the free marketing material?

A: Yep! Just email us at service@safeguardian.com and one of our team members will assist you with your request.