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SafeGuardian Referral Program


Why Become an Affiliate?
SafeGuardian is a provider of innovative mobile  

It's simple: The longer a resident's stay at your facility, the greater your revenue. But some residents require closer monitoring than others, and consistently providing around-the-clock care can quickly tax your staff and your bottom line.

So, what's the most cost-effective way to ensure that all residents can enjoy that same around-the-clock protection without putting the burden solely on caregivers?

The CareCaller™ is the only help alert device proven to increase client engagement by eliminating missed appointments, hospital readmissions, and unnecessary 911 calls, while simultaneously increasing your agency's profits by keeping your clients living safer, more independently, and utilizing your services longer.

Think of it like a nurse call button for the home. At the press of a button, the CareCaller immediately calls out to up to five preprogrammed contacts — whether they be property staff, caregivers, or family. And with our innovative FallAlert™ fall detection technology,  real-time GPS location, direct-to-caregiver calling, and SOS text alerts, your residents are just a button press away.

And at zero cost to your business, you can provide your residents the protection of the CareCaller™ simply by joining the Premier Provider Referral Program and referring them to SafeGuardian.

After that, our team takes it from there — billing, fulfillment, technical support, and customer service. And it's all while you and your residents enjoy peace of mind.

Becoming a Premier Provider is easy. Just register below to receive your free CareCaller™ Premier Provider Referral Program information kit.

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Medical ID Jewelry

Medical ID jewelry from Lauren’s Hope offers instant access to key information needed by first responders in an emergency.

Engrave yours with your personal information along with, “PRESS SOS 4 HELP,” and wear it with your medical alert button.


Medical Alert Systems

Medical Alert Systems from SafeGuardian alert your loved ones that you need assistance at the push of a button.

Learn more at


What should I engrave on a medical ID?

Give those around you all the information they need to get you the right help, fast. Engrave your key medical information along with a prompt to activate your Medical Alert System, such as, "PRESS SOS FOR HELP".