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SafeGuardian Help Alert

Why Choose Us

SafeGuardian National Response CenterWhy Choose A SafeGuardian CareCaller For Your Loved-One

1. A Veteran-Owned Company

We know what it means to serve and protect. We are proud to have served our country and are honored now to be one of America's most dedicated and innovative medical alert alarm companies. For over 18 years, SafeGuardian™ Medical Alarm and Personal Emergency Alert Panic Button Systems have been available for years to over 150,000 hospitals, home health care agencies, nursing homes, pharmacies and medical supply companies throughout North America - and now directly to you.

2. CSAA "Five Diamond" Rated Emergency Dispatch Call Centers

We are proud to offer all our customers with one of the few emergency monitoring centers nationwide that has earned the prestigious Central Station Alarm Association "Five Diamond" Certification</span>. In order to be fully certified, each and every call center dispatcher must take and pass advanced courses and pass rigorous examinations.

Additionally, each call center as a whole must be approved for certification by CSAA and be re-certified annually. Independent CSAA Certification is very important as there is little, if any, governmental or regulatory oversight of emergency monitoring centers. Without CSAA top ratings, consumers have absolutely no objective method to verify the standards of their monitoring center - and they do vary significantly.

3. North America's Largest Wireless Communications Coverage

Our wireless home medical alarm and help alert service provides complete coverage anywhere in North America, including all of the United States, Canada, Alaska and Hawaii. Our mobile SafeGuardian CareCaller Help Alert™ systems utilize the world's largest telehealth communications networks to provide you with the best possible coverage nationwide. Our mobile wireless devices currently cover 96% of all Americans throughout all of the 48 states and Hawaii.

4. SafeGuardian Includes Non-Emergency Personal Assistance

Did you know that 90% of all medical alarm calls are for NON-EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE? More than just a medical alarm call-for-help button, every fully-monitored SafeGuardian™ is a Help Alert System that provides routine, non-emergency personal assistance. We are happy to help you contact friends, family, neighbors and caregivers for any reason. In the event you need the assistance of local police, fire or paramedics we can quickly and easily dispatch them to your location.

5. SafeGuardian AlertLink™ Exclusive: Text Alerts

No other life alarm or medical alert company offers our exclusive AlertLink™ Text &amp; Email Emergency Notification Service. Now, up to three family members, friends, neighbors or caregivers you can choose to receive text notifications immediately upon the activation of a subscribers SafeGuardian system. Now, you'll know the instant your call-for-help button is depressed. You can contact the SafeGuardian™ Monitoring Center directly for updates as to the nature of the situation - and obtain emergency updates.

6. Lifetime Service Plan Rate Guarantee

Whatever service plan you choose, <span style="text-decoration: underline;">your rate will never increase for as long as you continuously subscribe to your plan</span>. Unlike our competitors who have been known to lure you in with low "introductory" rates only to raise then shortly thereafter, we have NEVER raised our rates to our existing customers. Be aware that you can change plans anytime before renewal but changing plans may also change your rate.

7. 100% Risk-Free Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Order it, try it and make sure it is right for your loved-one. We are committed to your complete satisfaction at all times. Purchase any SafeGuardian Help Alert™ Medical Alarm System and if it is not everything you want and need, simply return it to us within fourteen (14) days for a full refund.

Every product we sell is covered under our 90 day warranty so we will repair or replace any defective item under warranty at no cost to you. No matter which monitoring service plan you choose, you can always cancel your plan at any time without additional penalty or cancellation fees.

8. No Long Term Multi-Year Contracts or Early Termination Fees - Cancel Anytime!

Every SafeGuardian™ system features our simple Service Agreement. Other medical alarm companies may require 1-3 year binding contracts that auto-renew if you do not cancel 30-90 days in advance. With SafeGuardian, you can cancel - at any time and for any reason - without cancellation or early termination fees. If you chose a quarterly or annual pre-paid monitoring service plan, it is non-refundable but the unused balance is fully transferable to another family member, friend or loved one.

9. TWICE The Protection - Same Low Cost!

SafeGuardian provides you with TWICE the protection. Unlike most of our competitors who utilize a sole monitoring center with just one physical location, our emergency response center network has TWO fully-redundant separate emergency response call center locations - one in Ogden, Utah and the second in Rexburg, ID. In case of widespread emergencies or exceptionally busy periods, calls can be automatically routed between any of the two centers.

To complement our 100% redundancy, our facilities are also equipped with standby generators that contain multiple independent fuel sources, allowing both monitoring centers to provide continuous monitoring services despite equipment failures, storms, or outages. This is an incredible benefit for our customers because it provides them with peace of mind in knowing that they are always protected by advanced monitoring no matter the conditions.

10. UL-Listed &amp; Approved Monitoring Center Technology

Both of our central monitoring stations are UL 2050 listed, which means that we exceed all of Underwriters Laboratories' stringent requirements for alarm monitoring set forth in UL 827. We implement in depth employee training and the most advanced innovations in alarm monitoring technology to consistently exceed these high standards. Annual comprehensive UL physical inspections require fully redundant power systems, phone systems and all computer systems are secure and meet minimum specifications for an alarm monitoring center.

11. SafeGuardian Response Centers Facts and Statistics

When it comes to lightening fast help alert response, we'll let the facts speak for themselves:

Our extensive experience, high standards and certified training does result in better performance. Performance produces results and results are measurable. If you are comparing different monitoring services, look to see if they release THEIR performance results for all to review.