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With SafeGuardian, You're Never Alone

With SafeGuardian, You're Never Alone - SafeGuardian Medical Alarms & Help Alert Systems

Did you know that one of the fastest-growing demographics in America is 50 and older individuals who live alone?

According to a recent New York Times profile of individuals in their 50s, the story reveals that nearly 30 million Boomers and Gen Xers are choosing to live alone later in life — a number that far surpasses the numbers of previous generations of Americans choosing to live alone. 

So what’s the reason for such a steep shift in middle aged and senior Americans choosing to live alone? The story cites, “deep changes in attitudes surrounding gender and marriage. People 50-plus today are more likely than earlier generations to be divorced, separated or never married.”

Generational differences aside, the fact remains that as they continue to age, these Americans will be alone. While that might not be much trouble now, aging alone can bring on certain unique challenges to remaining healthy and independent. Namely of those challenges: getting help quickly when you need it. 

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, after a fall or other emergency, 90% of people who get help within one hour will continue independent living, but after 12 hours without help only 10% of people will continue to live at home.

So, how do those living alone ensure they’re part of that 90%? By having a medical alert system from SafeGuardian on hand.

With SafeGuardian's line of medical alert systems, seniors can instantly contact caregivers, friends, family, loved ones, and more at the singular press of a button. And since our medical alert systems are 4G LTE-enabled, seniors will enjoy that protection anywhere throughout the country. The moment they start to feel unwell, their caregivers, friends, family, or other loved ones will be the first to know.

And should a fall occur, the SafeGuardian’s innovative fall detection technology will automatically activate and call out to loved ones without any action required from the wearer.

With SafeGuardian, Boomers and Gen Xers can continue to live independently and enjoy peace of mind wherever they go — even in the event of a fall.

For more information on SafeGuardian's innovative fall detection technology and how it can help your loved one, click here.