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The Life-Saving Power of Fall Alert Technology

SafeGuardian Fall Alert Systems + SOS Medical Alarms

SafeGuardian's innovative fall detection technology is yet another layer of protection designed to keep your loved ones safe, especially when they're unable to call for help on their own.

The CareCaller Fall Alert fall detection automatically detects a fall and immediately sends alerts to all contacts, followed by a phone call, without the wearer having to lift a finger.

Here's how it works:

  • When a wearer falls, the CareCaller Fall Alert will announce through its innovative voice prompt system that a fall has been detected.
  • The device will then send out a text alert with the date, time, and location of the fall, complete with a Google Map link with the wearer's exact GPS coordinates.
  • The device will then announce that authorized contact 1 is being called.
  • Once an authorized contact answers, the CareCaller Fall Alert will automatically initiate two-way talk between the wearer and the contact using the device's built-in speaker and microphone. This is a vital step. Through two-way talk, contacts can asses the level of danger a wearer is in and take the necessary steps, such as calling 911.

Worried about false alarms? SafeGuardian has three innovative measures to prevent those:

Voice Prompts: The CareCaller Fall Alert makes it easy to cancel fall detection alerts — if necessary — before they're sent to contacts. After a fall, the device will announce that a fall was detected and instruct the wearer to press the SOS button to cancel. This announcement will play three times to give the wearer a chance to cancel the alert.

Adjustable Sensitivity: Have a loved one who is more active and seems to be triggering fall alerts through everyday activities? The CareCaller Fall Alert also allows wearers or loved ones to adjust the sensitivity of the fall detector with the simplicity of a text command sent to the device. For those who are more active, simply lower the sensitivity of the device, and for those who are at greater risks of falls, raise the sensitivity to detect even the lightest of activity.

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