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Safety Devices That Seniors Should Embrace

Safety Devices That Seniors Should Embrace - SafeGuardian Medical Alarms & Help Alert Systems
Seniors find new gadgets frustrating, but there are certain devices that can be lifesaving, especially when they are adamant about living on their own or want to thrive in a community of other active seniors. In today’s tech-driven era, it is possible to ensure the safety of your loved ones, even when you are not around. Here are some gadgets that seniors should embrace to live safely and happily.
Medical Alarm 911 Pendant – The 911 Medical Alert is ideal for the ones who need 911 at the press of a button. In case of emergencies, seniors can simply press the SOS button to automatically call 911. This device is ideal for lone workers, runners, hospitality staff, and unaccompanied children. This device keeps friends, family, and loved ones in the loop during an emergency. The emergency contacts will receive a text alert that would let them know that you have pressed the button. This text would include the date and time of the button pressed and the real-time GPS location of the wearer with a link to Google Maps.

Medical Alarm SOS Watch – With this CareCaller SOS wellness watch, you are just a button press away from your loved ones. The device will call out to loved ones at the press of the SOS button. One can also speak to the wearer directly through the device’s built-in microphone and speaker.

Fall Alert Button or GPS Locator – This device is everything that safety pendants have in a compact form. They include the features of a fully functioning watch with an SOS button built into the front.

Health And Wellness Smartwatch – The fall alert watch lets you choose between digital or dial time display. And the wearer can speak directly with contacts through a built-in speaker and microphone.
With these devices, solo senior living doesn’t have to be frightening or risky any further. If you want to ensure that your loved ones stay protected even when they are alone, then getting any of the above safety devices according to your needs is what we suggest. Check out the complete details about these devices at https://safeguardian.com/, and protect your loved ones when they are home alone.