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Monitor Daily Activity with Your Medical Alert System

Monitor Daily Activity with Your Medical Alert System - SafeGuardian Medical Alarms & Help Alert Systems

This generation of American seniors is the most active and independent the country has ever seen. From scientific and medical advancements to healthier lifestyles, gone are the days of the stereotypical senior who is homebound and unhealthy.

As such, these seniors demand more out of their medical alert systems than just a basic ability to call for help. Their most desired feature? Not an SOS capability, but the ability to track and monitor daily activity. In fact, in a poll asking seniors what medical alert system features matter most to them, 49% of all respondents listed daily activity tracking as their number one priority.

For this very reason, SafeGuardian has implemented a number of daily activity tracking features in our medical alert systems:

Step counting: When it comes to tracking daily activity, step counting is one of the most fundamental metrics. What is a senior’s overall picture of physical health? Tracking steps can give crucial insight into that question. Is the senior active on a daily basis? Are they far less active than they were a week or a month ago? Could this be a sign of coming problems? Simply tracking steps via SafeGuardian’s medical alert systems is a powerful tool.

Heart rate: Building upon the idea of step tracking, monitoring daily heart rate can be yet another important insight into the daily and overall health of a senior. What is their resting heart rate? What is their heart rate when engaging in physical activity? Does the heart rate dip or spike irregularly? SafeGuardian’s medical alert systems can also monitor the heart rate of a user.

O2 saturation: Yet another feature contained in SafeGuardian’s medical alert systems is the ability to measure O2 saturation. This metric can be especially helpful for those with chronic conditions such as asthma, COPD, or emphysema. Oxygen level monitoring is crucial for those with respiratory conditions. But it can be just as important for those without preexisting conditions. Does the oxygen level drop significantly during physical activity? That could be a sign of bigger health problems on the horizon.

Calories: Tracking calories isn’t just for those looking to lose weight. For some seniors, the more calories, the better. And with daily activity thrown into the mix, it’s important to replace those calories for purposes of maintaining a healthy weight and good nutrition. 

With this generation of seniors being so active and healthy well into their later years, it’s no wonder they want medical alert systems that can meet the needs of their lifestyles. The seniors of today want more than just a device that can call for help. That’s where SafeGuardian’s innovative line of medical alert systems come in. We measure all of these metrics in one small, discreet medical alert system, giving you the best overall picture of health for your loved one. We’re serving the modern senior and their modern needs.