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Features Series: The Power and Protection of 4G LTE

Features Series: The Power and Protection of 4G LTE - SafeGuardian Medical Alarms & Help Alert Systems

SafeGuardian's line of CareCaller™ devices all run on the nation's largest and most extensive 4G LTE network, through AT&T and T-Mobile. As you or your loved one choose to live longer independently, you'll be able to do more and go farther, while still enjoying the protection of your CareCaller™ LTE from anywhere in the country.

Here's what you might not know: By the end of 2021, all cellular carriers are sunsetting their 3G networks, meaning 3G coverage will no longer be available nationwide, and your 3G cellular devices will be inoperable. If you or a loved one are getting by just fine with a help alert device on 3G technology, you're in danger of losing coverage and protection within a year. Don't wait and don't be without protection. SafeGuardian only offers CareCaller™ devices on the nation's most advanced 4G LTE network.