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Fall Safety Tips for Seniors

Fall Safety Tips for Seniors - SafeGuardian Medical Alarms & Help Alert Systems

As we grow older, one of the first things that can start to go is our balance. And falling for seniors can be a big concern as injuries are difficult to bounce back from. Broken hips or any other bones can mean a long recovery period and further inconvenience. And what can be worse is no immediate medical assistance being provided in such situations. As seniors wish to live independently, it is essential to ensure that they are safe even when alone and this is now possible with the help of certain fall detection wearable devices. Other than that, here are some quick fall safety tips for seniors:

Proper Footwear – Getting a few great pairs of sensible shoes that are comfortable and have nonskid bottoms is recommended.
Install Handrails – Seniors might often fall in the shower or bathtub, so grabbing a rail in the shower and beside the toilet can be a savior. Add non-slip stickers or mats in the tub.
Clear Clutter – Removing any type of boxes, furniture, or cords that can cause a trip is recommended. Taping down the corners of rugs that may stick up or roll up at the edges is also suggested.
Watch Medications – In case certain medicines make seniors feel dizzy, drowsy, or off balance. Immediately addressed with their doctor.
Fall Safety Devices – Using fall safety devices is highly recommended if you want to protect your loved ones even in your absence. These devices will track unusual activities and will inform the emergency contacts in case of a fall and will also connect to medical assistance, ensuring the seniors are safe and protected.

Falling can be dangerous for seniors, especially when there is no help around. This is why fall detection devices is recommended. Sometimes these devices can turn out to be life-saving for seniors. Check out the wide range of devices that can help you protect your loved ones when you aren’t around at https://safeguardian.com/. For more details, visit our website today.