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Home Medical Alert System Replacement Pendant



SafeGuardian Home Long-Range Wireless Medical Alert Pendant is an EXTRA or REPLACEMENT pendant. It is designed to be used only with a complete SafeGuardian Home Medical Alert and Alarm  System.

Features & Benefits

  • One Touch And You Are In Touch - Easy to use. Simply press the large Medical Alert Pendant Button for immediate, friendly and professional emergency assistance anytime - day or night.
  • Long-Range Wireless Help Alert Button - You'll receive the latest wireless help button technology with over a 800' foot perimeter range - longer than two football fields. SafeGuardian covers inside and outside the average home for unsurpassed protection.
  • Waterproof Help Alert Button - Many accidents occur in the bathroom. Your SafeGuardian Home Medical Alert System Pendant is completely waterproof. You should always wear it in the tub or shower for maximum protection.
  • Small and Lightweight Pendant  - Comfortable for 24 hour wearing with a fully adjustable nylon necklace.
  • SeniorSafety Break-Away Clasp - Includes patented emergency "break-away" clasp to prevent accidents.
  • Long Life Sealed Battery - Your SafeGuardian Home Medical Alert System Button will last for years without replacement or recharging.
  • Built-In LED Status Light - Simply press the help button and the LED glows green if battery is good and red if battery is getting low. Your console will flash a "trouble" light when the battery is down to 25%.

SafeGuardian Home Medical Alarm and Help Alert SystemIMPORTANT!
- The SafeGuardian Home Medical Alert System Pendant is designed, programmed and sold to work only with a SafeGuardian Home Medical Alert System.

A complete SafeGuardian Home Long-Range Wireless Medical Alert System includes one FREE SafeGuardian™ Medical Alert Pendant and is as low as $24/mo!

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