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Landmark Link™ LTE

$89.00 $149.00

Landmark Link™ LTE

About the Landmark Link LTE


These features come standard with ALL Landmark Link™ LTE models

Unique To This Model

Landmark Link LTE Technology

Not all assistance requires emergency response. With the Landmark Link LTE, clients can directly connect to their local Landmark office with the press of a button.

What's Included 

What’s Included

Service Coverage

Your Landmark Link LTE uses the world’s largest telehealth communications network to provide you with reliable coverage nationwide, covering 96% of the U.S. 

Purchase Price: $79

One-Time Activation Fee: $10

Monthly Service Fee: $10.95

A “no contract” monthly service plan is required to connect your Landmark Link LTE to the nationwide telehealth communications network. The service fee will commence when Links are shipped and will reoccur automatically until Links are deactivated in writing. 


One Year "Instant Exchange" Warranty Against Defects

Device Specifications


Optional Add-ons

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