TWO Hospice CarePair Help Alert System w/Nurse Text Notify


The exclusive SafeGuardian Hospice CarePair™ + GPS Mobile Personal Help Alert Button is a high-quality, caregiver-monitored mobile personal help alert button. One firm press of the large SOS button and it calls your pre-programmed hospice center phone number(s). Up to four family, friends, neighbors & caregivers can also be notified, if desired, by text message.

Features & Benefits

  • World's Smallest Completely Self-Contained Help Alert Caller - Your SafeGuardian Hospice CarePair™ + GPS is the smallest nationwide mobile help call button available anywhere.
  • One Touch SOS Calling - Easy to use. Simply press the SafeGuardian Hospice CarePair™ + GPS button anytime, anywhere to call a family member, friend, neighbor or caregiver. 
  • Emergency Text Notifications - Up to two additional emergency contacts can be notified by text message when the SOS button is pressed. Information texted will contain name of person requesting assistance (subscriber) and GPS location coordinates. There is even a link to view location on Google Maps.
  • Nationwide Help Alert Service Area - You'll receive the latest cellular help button technology. Our advanced 3G cellular service covers 96% of the US population nationwide and is the world's largest cellular network. You are protected at home, in your auto, in your neighborhood and across the country.
  • Waterproof Help Alert Button - Many accidents occur in the bathroom. Your SafeGuardian CareCaller is completely waterproof. You should always wear it in the tub or shower for maximum protection. A waterproof nylon pendant is included.
  • One Week Rechargeable Battery - Unlike most other mobile medical alarms that needs to be charged every couple of days, Your SafeGuardian Hospice CarePair™ + GPS help alert is fully-rechargeable and the batteries last up to one week on standby. Visual LED light alerts let you know when batteries are getting low.

National Service Map

SafeGuardian National 3G Service Coverage MapYour SafeGuardian Hospice CarePair™ + GPS Mobile Help Alert Callers use the world's largest cellular network to provide you with outstanding coverage nationwide. The 3G GSM network covers 96% of the U.S. population and utilizes roaming partnerships to maximize the coverage and signal strength. Click here to VERIFY LOCAL COVERAGE.

What's Included:

  • TWO SafeGuardian Hospice CarePair™ + Built-In Two-Way Speakerphone.
  • SPECIAL OFFER - Free Drop-In Charger ($19 savings).
  • Professional-Quality Rechargeable Battery (installed).
  • USB charger cable with AC Wall Adapter.
  • One Detachable Nylon Waterproof Pendant Attachment.
  • Quick Start Guide & User's Manual.
  • 14 Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

    Options Available

    • Colors: Black, Blue, Pink, Green

    Valuable Extras:

    • FREE ACTIVATION - Account Set-Up ($49 savings).
    • FREE SHIPPING - Standard Ground USPS Shipping ($20 savings).
    • FREE 14 DAY TRIAL  - Service plan is not billed until two weeks after your order is delivered.
    • FREE Lifetime Unlimited Subscriber Emergency Calls.
    • FREE Lifetime Unlimited Caregiver AutoNotify™ Text Messages.
    • FREE Nationwide Standard Ground Shipping ($20 savings).
    • FREE Lifetime Price Guarantee - Your Monthly Service Fee Will Never Increase - Guaranteed!
    • FREE Emergency Rescue Paramedic Medical Info Kit - a $29 value!
    • FREE Family RX Prescription Discount Card - Save Up To 75%!
    • NO CONTRACT / CANCEL ANYTIME - No cancellation or early termination fees.

      "Worry-Free" Warranty

      • 14 Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee
      • 90 Day Defect Exchange Warranty from SafeGuardian
      • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty Against Defects

      Service Plan (Required)

      A service plan is required to connect to the nationwide 3G cellular network. Now, you can enjoy 24/7 protection virtually anywhere in the United States! Our low cost cellular service plans are conveniently pre-paid on a re-occurring credit/debit card or checking/savings account subscription. Pre-paid subscriptions are non-refundable but you can cancel service anytime.

      NO contracts, NO credit check, NO cancellation charges and NO early termination fees.

      SafeGuardian Hospice CarePair™ + GPS Mobile is designed to provide emergency and urgent personal assistance. All service plans all include unlimited emergency 911 calls and up to 60 minutes of talk time/month. Additional overage minutes are charged at .10/minute.

      HEALTHCARE PROVIDER MONTHLY SERVICE: Only $29/month (Quantity Discounts Available).

      Lifetime Price Guarantee



      • Size: 2.4" (H) x 1.7" (W) x .6" (D)
      • Weight: 1.23 oz
      • Battery Life: Up to 7 Days Standby. 3-4 Days Typical
      • Rechargeable 800 mah Lithium battery
      • Battery Recharge Time: 3 Hours
      • Network: 3G GSM (AT&T / T-Mobile)