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CareCaller TempAlert™ Pendant


CareCaller TempAlert™ Pendant

About the CareCaller TempAlert™ Pendant

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These features come standard with ALL CareCaller TempAlert™ Pendants:

Unique To This Model

CareCaller TempAlert™ Technology

Temperature is a vital indicator of your loved one's health. The CareCaller TempAlert™ tracks your loved one's temperature in real time and keeps you informed in real-time. You set the threshold, and if the wearer's temperature drops or spikes, the CareCaller TempAlert™ will automatically send a text message alert to all preprogrammed contacts. 

What's Included 

What’s Included

Service Coverage

Your CareCaller TempAlert™ Pendant uses the world’s largest telehealth communications network to provide you with reliable coverage nationwide, covering 96% of the U.S. 

Monthly Service Fee: $39

A “no contract” monthly service plan is required to connect your CareCaller™ to the nationwide telehealth communications network. The service fee will reoccur automatically until cancelled in writing. Cancel anytime. Service fees are non-refundable once billed but are fully transferable.


One Year "Instant Exchange" Warranty Against Defects

Most other medical alarm companies offer "FREE" used and "refurbished" loaner equipment that can be up to ten years old. We think that is unsanitary and outdated.  We NEVER send you old reused, recycled or refurbished equipment. Your CareCaller™ will always be shipped BRAND NEW and is yours to keep as long as you need it for no additional charge.

Device Specifications