Free SafeGuardian Prescription Discount Program - Save Up To 75%

Free SafeGuardian Prescription Discount Program - Save Up To 75%!

Free SafeGuardian Prescription Discount ProgramSafeGuardian has chosen a national healthcare alliance to offer every SafeGuardian subscriber a FREE Prescription Discount Program membership card to use for their entire family. There are absolutely no costs and the card never expires. 

The Healthcare Alliance card is easy to use. Simply bring the card along with your prescription, hand it to the pharmacist, and save up to 75% on your prescription medications. Your card is pre-activated, and ready to use immediately. You can even share your card with friends and family

  • Strength in numbersOver 50 Million Americans have no medical insurance, and tens of millions more have insurance that doesn't cover all of their prescription medications. The free pharmacy discount program helps uninsured and underinsured Americans save on their prescriptions.
  • Help when you need itThe Healthcare Alliance card can provide discounts of up to 75% on all FDA-approved prescription medications and is accepted at over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide
  • No claim formsYou don’t need to submit any additional information, to your doctor, your pharmacist, or your insurance provider, in order to use your Healthcare Alliance card.
  • No deductiblesWhether you have insurance or not, you will never be charged for using your Healthcare Alliance card to save on prescription medications.
  • No limitations or maximumsSign up once and use your Healthcare Alliance card whenever you buy prescription medication
  • No pre-existing condition exclusionsThere is no screening - the Healthcare Alliance card is available to all Americans.
  • Affordable is easyThere are no terms or cost associated with being a Healthcare Alliance cardholder. Just present your Healthcare Alliance card when filling your next prescription medication, and your pharmacist will let you know how much you can save.
  • Our gift to you - Even if you  decide to return your SafeGuardian order or eventually cancel your service, we want you to keep your SafeGuardian Prescription Discount Card as our gift!