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SafeGuardian CareCallers For in-Home Nurses, Health Providers & Hospice Agencies

Home health and nursing professionals require easy-to-use tools that keep older adults safe while improving their quality of life. That's why SafeGuardian is the perfect solution. Our revolutionary HomeHealth NurseCaller™ mobile help alert devices and services are designed specifically for the senior population.

10,000 Americans are turning 65 everyday and will be doing so for the next 15 years. By 2030 more than 20% of the U.S. population will be 65 or older, compared to just 13% today. This growing segment of older adults wants to remain in their homes as long as possible, which gives them freedom and makes financial sense. Increasingly, they’ll be turning to home health professionals.

That’s where SafeGuardian can help.

Greater freedom.

Relevant and easy to use senior care products and technology can help the active aging population stay as healthy as possible and living in their home, where they want to be. A SafeGuardian HomeHealth NurseCaller gives patients the freedom to be more active, confident knowing that help is just one button away. Home safety for seniors provides individuals with a range of services designed to keep them engaged, whether it’s calendar events, daily check-in calls, or medical coaching.

Increased safety.

SafeGuardian's HomeHealth NurseCaller offers fast, dependable elderly care products to keep people safe—from automatic fall detection, immediate text notification to home health providers, visiting nurses and caregivers, built-in GPS locators to smartphone access. All of which enables your home health team to focus on providing everyday care instead of worrying about emergencies.

Lower costs.

Seniors utilize more healthcare resources per capita than any other group and 66% of Medicare recipients have multiple chronic conditions.

SafeGuardian's HomeHealth NurseCaller brings you value-based senior care management solutions to maintain patient relationships—replacing equipment and labor with a modern medical alert system that requires minimal support and training. By staying connected to patients before, during, and after care, you can keep patients out of medical environments while reducing the number of costly readmissions.

By eliminating the need for monitoring companies to be an unnecessary middleman, we can provided a faster provider/patient communication system at significantly less cost.

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Better outcomes.

SafeGuardian's exclusive HomeHealth NurseCaller system creates a better connection between the client and the home health provider. By providing clients with instant one button direct communication to their caregiver or home health provider, patients are encouraged to call their caregiver at the first sign of problems and not wait until the next appointment or worse, the need to be sent to the emergency room.

Competitive advantages. 

Any home healthcare provider will tell you that competition for new clients is becoming very difficult, time consuming and costly. A SafeGuardian HomeHealth NurseCaller system gives your organization the competitive advantage by offering families with immediate text notification of important events such as possible falls. You can either include the HomeHealth NurseCaller benefit into your package of home health services or make it an optional, value-added service.

Customized Solutions. 

Best of all, your HomeHealth NurseCaller system is fully customizable and scaleable to fit seamlessly into your home health organization. Our team of help alert professionals can fully configure your CareCallers to call and text your staff and/or office(s) in one office or many nationwide. As an added benefit, your CareCallers can also be "private-labeled" to include your own inserts, instructions and packaging. 

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SafeGuardian has been working closely with in-home health/visiting nurse agencies to provide patient help alert systems for over 15 years.

Let us show you how a HomeHealth NurseCaller program can significantly increase safety, security and peace of mind for your patients. Our highly trained staff is standing by to demonstrate the amazing features and life-saving benefits that only our new CareCallers offer.

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