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SafeGuardian CareCaller For Health Care Systems

Whether you're managing a regional hospital or a nationwide health system, you're focused on improving outcomes and the patient experience. At the same time, you need to reduce cost and complexity. That's why a SafeGuardian Home Health NurseCaller™ supports your population health management initiatives and helps you stay connected to patients with cost-effective solutions that are easy to deploy and manage.

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Reduced Readmissions = Lower Costs.

Seniors utilize more healthcare resources per capita than any other group and 66% of Medicare recipients have multiple chronic conditions. A SafeGuardian Home Health NurseCaller™ brings you cost effective senior care management solutions to maintain patient relationships—replacing equipment and labor with a modern patient home nurse call button system that requires minimal support and training. By staying connected to patients after their discharge, you can keep patients out of medical environments while significantly reducing the number of costly, and  avoidable readmissions.

By eliminating the need for monitoring companies to be an unnecessary middleman, we can provided a faster, more direct provider/patient communication system at significantly less cost.

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Immediate Awareness = Better Outcomes.

SafeGuardian's exclusive Home Health NurseCaller™ system creates a better connection between the patient and the healthcare system. By providing patients with instant one button direct communication to their caregiver or healthcare provider, patients are encouraged and enabled to call their caregiver at the first sign of problems or complications. This results in quicker awareness of a medical problem. Patients do not have to wait until the next appointment or worse, the need to be sent or returned to the emergency room for a costly readmission.

Customized Solutions. 

Best of all, SafeGuardian's Home Health NurseCaller™ system is fully customizable and scaleable to fit seamlessly into your Healthcare System. Our team of help alert professionals can fully configure your CareCallers to call and text your staff and/or office(s) in one office or many nationwide. As an added benefit, your CareCallers can also be "private-labeled" to include your own inserts, instructions and packaging.

Pilot Program Available. 

No need to commit to a system-wide implementation before you are ready. We offer all of our established healthcare providers with a painless, risk-free pilot program initiative. Here is how it has been implemented successfully:

  1. Start with just a few (20-60) CareCallers in one or more locations.
  2. Wholesale provider cost is only $99 + $15/mo each.
  3. Ask a small group of your in-home nurses to provide them to a few of their patients with chronic conditions (heart failure, COPD, diabetes, etc). 
  4. Monitor patient usage for 3 months.
  5. Analyze the weekly call reports.

Let us prove the cost savings (from reduced hospital admissions/readmissions) and better patient communications that a CareCaller can provide your healthcare organization for less than .50/day/patient. If you are not delighted with the results at the end of the pilot program, you are free to cancel your service without further cost or obligation.

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SafeGuardian has been working closely with healthcare providers to provide patient medical alarms and help alert systems for over 15 years.

Let us show you how a CareCaller initiative can significantly reduce costs and improve patient outcomes for you. Our highly trained staff is standing by to demonstrate the amazing features and life-saving benefits that our new CareCallers offer.

Simply complete the request form below and we will send you a fully-functional CareCaller to try risk-free without cost or obligation for 14 days! We then schedule a 20 minute call, at your convenience, to provide a hands-on demonstration.

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