Active Senior 55+ Retirement Communities

SafeGuardian Active Senior Retirement Communities Program

Boosting seniors’ independence while keeping them safe is no easy task, especially when you need to keep a close eye on costs. That’s why SafeGuardian's CareCaller™ mobile devices and senior care services are designed to simply and affordably give you the help you need.

Lower costs.

Through senior community care services like automatic fall detection and mobile access to 24x7 emergency response, CareCallers™ can help reduce the number of accidents and the round the clock demands on your staff. Our care management solutions allow your community employees to focus on their jobs, improving satisfaction and reducing staff turnover. Residents benefit from a continuity of staff and the organization experiences lower recruiting, training, and administrative costs.

Greater freedom.

SafeGuardian's care management solutions and urgent response devices give seniors the freedom to be more active and confident knowing that help is just one button away. Designed for active 55+ senior communities, the mobile, self-contained CareCaller™ models offer safety and protection no matter where they are - at home or on the golf course!

Competitive advantages. 

Any 55+ independent living community manager will tell you that competition for new resident is becoming very difficult, time consuming and costly. A SafeGuardian CareCaller™ system gives your community the competitive advantage by offering members with immediate text notification of important events such as possible falls. You can either include the CareCaller™ benefit into your package of resident benefits or make it an optional, value-added service.

Customized Solutions. 

Best of all, SafeGuardian's exclusive CareCaller™ system is fully customizable and scaleable to fit seamlessly into your community benefit package. Our team of help alert professionals can fully configure your CareCallers to call and text your staff, front desk or security office(s). A SafeGuardian CareCaller™ system can be quickly and easily set-up in one location or many communities nationwide. As an added benefit, your CareCallers can also be "private-labeled" to include your own inserts, instructions and packaging.

Request a Free Demo! 

SafeGuardian has been working closely with active retirement communities to provide resident help alert systems for over 15 years.

Let us show you how a CareCaller program can significantly increase safety, security and peace of mind for your residents. Our highly trained staff is standing by to demonstrate the amazing features and life-saving benefits that only our new CareCallers offer.

Simply complete the request form below and we will send you a fully-functional CareCaller to try risk-free without cost or obligation for 14 days! We suggest we schedule a 20 minute call, at your convenience, to provide a hands-on demonstration.