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In this increasingly complex market, it’s more important than ever to attract new members, find ways to engage them, and keep them within your network. That's why SafeGuardian's Home Health NurseCaller™ devices and services help increase retention while lowering costs and reducing network leakage.

That’s where SafeGuardian comes in. We’re the leader in connected health for active aging, with a proven record of attracting members and keeping them engaged through solutions that go beyond a transaction. Solutions that actually make a difference in people’s lives. With a variety of CareCaller™ models available to fit all demographics, our solutions are aligned with existing patient stratification strategies.

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Improved outcomes. Lower costs.

At SafeGuardian, we see our solutions reduce healthcare-related costs every day. But don’t just take our word for it. Studies done by the CDC and the New England Journal of Medicine have shown that using Personal Emergency Response Services (PERS) provides a return on investment of 7:1*, and a 13x reduction in nursing home days**.

But saving money is only one measure of success. Outcomes, most importantly, are another. With SafeGuardian, wellness improves thanks to emergency response services like fall detection, direct connection to caregivers, emergency text notifications, built-in real-time GPS locators and more. Seniors stay independent longer by taking control of their health and safety. 

*Personal Emergency Response System users realized a savings of $7.19 in total long term care costs for each $1.00 of PERS services. **Non-PERS users spend an average of 13x more days in nursing homes than PERS users.


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Enhanced engagement. Increased retention.

Put simply, an engaged member group is one that's easier to retain. And seniors interact with SafeGuardian like no other solution. We offer an unparalleled level of engagement by creating an emotional attachment through our devices and services. We're there for seniors when they need help with routine or urgent nurse communications. And we bring home healthcare providers, visiting nurses and caregivers into the mix to create a stronger, more complete wellness team.

Reduced network leakage.

SafeGuardian can help keep members within your network by creating a circle of health and keeping them in it. By using CareCaller solutions, patients can be automatically directly connected to in-network providers. And finally, our exclusive Home Health NurseCaller™ service can help prevent adverse events from leading to emergency room care and hospital admission. With SafeGuardian, everyone's in the circle, and payers stay in the loop.

Competitive advantages. 

Any healthcare member benefit plan provider will tell you that competition for new clients is becoming very difficult, time consuming and costly. A SafeGuardian Home Health NurseCaller™ system gives your organization the competitive advantage by offering members with immediate text notification of important events such as possible falls. You can either include the CareCaller™ benefit into your package of healthcare member benefits or make it an optional, value-added service.

Customized Solutions. 

Best of all, SafeGuardian's exclusive Home Health NurseCaller™ system is fully customizable and scaleable to fit seamlessly into your member benefit plan. Our team of help alert professionals can fully configure your CareCallers to call and text your staff and/or office(s) in one office or many nationwide. As an added benefit, your CareCallers can also be "private-labeled" to include your own inserts, instructions and packaging.

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