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CareCaller SOS Help Alert + FallAlert™ Button

Free CareCaller™ SOS Help Alert + Fall Alert Button included with $39/month subscription.

With the CareCaller FallAlert™ Button, caregiver contacts are immediately notified by text message or call when a fall occurs.

After a Fall, Every Second Counts

Did you know: After a fall or other emergency, 90% of people who get help within one hour will continue independent living. But after 12 hours without help, only 10% of people will continue to live at home. The CareCaller FallAlert™ button is designed to send out fall alert notifications — by text and phone call — directly to all caregivers the instant a fall occurs.

Innovative FallAlert™ Technology

• Built-in FallAlert™ detects falls and alerts all programmed contacts with a text alert and phone call
• Hands-free calling allows the wearer to speak through the device even if they're rendered immobile
• Adjustable sensitivity for different fall detection criteria
• Voice warning alerts the wearer the fall has been detected and alerts have been sent

Why Call Caregivers?

Did you know that the majority of medical alert calls placed by seniors are for non-emergency purposes? Wouldn't caregivers feel better if their loved one could instead call them directly?

How it Works

With the CareCaller™, you're just a button press away from your loved one. You'll receive a text alert and phone call, directly to your phone — anytime, anywhere. Best of all, we do everything for you:

• Tell us what contact number(s) you want us to program into your device at checkout
• Take your device out of the box and turn it on! That's all there is to it.
• Ever need to change a contact number or device setting? Just call or email our team. We can do it all for you remotely without you lifting a finger
• Just pay a monthly subscription. No contracts, and cancel anytime!

Standard Features

• Up to five (5) pre-programmed contact numbers
• Nationwide 4G LTE voice and text communication
• Talk directly into pendant with build-in microphone and speaker
• Locate loved ones anytime with built-in, real-time GPS with Google Maps
• Automated voice greetings and warnings (Available in English and Spanish)
• Hands-free call, answer, talk, and hang up
• Adjustable microphone and speaker volume
• Inactivity and low battery text message alerts
• Unauthorized (spam) call block feature
• Waterproof up to six feet

Here's What You'll Get When You Subscribe ($240 Value)

CareCaller FallAlert™ Button

$200 Value

Free Tabletop Charger

$29.99 Value

Fall Safety Checklist

Ensure your loved one's home is safe with this handy checklist.

Paramedic Kit

Keep all of your loved one's important medical information in one place. ($10 Value)

The Family Caregiver Guide

A handy guide for new and longtime caregivers alike.

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